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dnn blog xml import fail


o like a moron i didnt back up my site prior to upgrading the blog module to what i thought was the latest stable version. 06.01.02

i now cannot import the xml file that i exported, this is the path i followed:

Installed 06.01.02
I decide to roll back to 6.00.5
exported content out to xml.
uninstalled 06.01.02
installed 6.00.5
import xml fails. progress circle spins then stops.
uninstalled 6.00.5
reinstalled 06.01.02
import xml
find folder & File
progress indicator circle spins then stops.
no error, resolves to import screen with files selected and xml displayed.

are there specific settings that need to be enabled for successful import.

XML here:
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gigocabrera wrote Sep 1, 2015 at 10:07 PM

Been there myself...
1) When you upgraded to 06.01.02, what version did you have installed?
2) You're trying to import the XML file, but are you trying to import over the existing data? Or did you clean the Blog tables first?

If I have to guess, I think the import may be failing when trying to insert a duplicate record in the database. What I would suggest if to move forward with the upgrade. If you still have the data intact, reinstall 06.01.02 and send me a private message. I will be happy to help!